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Written by ACIDSTEALTH   
Tuesday, 05 October 2004
The following is a comprehensive list of character profiles for the Abh that have appeared in the animated version of the Seikai series. Characters are classified by their genetic race, not by their legal status. While Jinto is legally an Abh, he is not a genetic Abh, and thus is not included on this page.

Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Bœrh Parhynr Lamhirh (Lafiel)
Lamhirh is the daughter of Placïac and Dubeusec, and granddaughter of the 27th Empress Lamï, born in the Imperial Year 936. She served as a pilot trainee aboard the Gothlauth. Later in Seikai no Senki, she became captain of the Basrogrh, a small assault ship (Gairh). She is a very energetic person and very stubborn. She is about 5'5 with blue hair (obviously). Here eye-color has been widely debated between black and brown. She is very close to Ghintec but being a stubborn Ablïarsec, she refuses to admit it

Laicch Üémh Laubér Placïac (Lexshu)
Hecto-Commander Placïac is the captain of the Gothlauth and also the gene donor of Lamhirh, making Lamhirh a daughter of love. Not much is known about her because she is killed early on when a squad of enemy attack ships destroyed the Gothlauth. She is a main character in the OVA (Original Video Animation) Seikai no Danshou Tanjo (Crest of the Stars - Birth). She has golden-yellow eyes, is tall, and has a very laid back, yet strict personality. She played some role in bringing Lamhirh and Ghintec together, although the details of this have been widely speculated, the topic has not come up in any canon source such as the novels or anime series.

Sobach Üémh Dor Ïuth (Sobaash)
Sobach appears quite young although he is in his 50's. Sobach is the Head-Flyer on the Basrogrh and a very wealthy Abh businessmen. He holds a low rank in the Lubaréc because he spent his early years on business trips. Even by Abh standards he is very wealthy. He has black eyes and is very reserved. The Anime series portrays him as a woman, but he is in fact, a man. In the novels he is described as having facial hair and a deep voice, however the animators accidentally animated him as a female. Due to budget restrictions this mistake was not reversed, and his voice-over was performed by a female.

Spaurh Aronn Saicspath Nimh Laitpanr Painaich (Spoor)
Painaich is a Rear Admiral in the Lubaréc and comes from a high-class Abh family. She tends to be somewhat snobby and arrogant at times. Although she appears to not care weather her ships are lost or not, she is in fact, one of the better admirals in the Lubaréc. Her eyes are the same color red as her flag ship. She particularly enjoys teasing her Chief-of-Staff, Cfadiss. She is also known to have exotic pet birds. She spends a good portion of her time complaining of her endless boredom and planning her own funeral service.

Tlaïmh Borgh Ybdér Laimsairh (Trife)
Laimsairh the most arrogant of all the Abh Admirals. On more than one occasion he has proposed wreckless battle strategies that were replaced by more reasonable strategies, proposed by his Chief-of-Staff. He makes rash decisions based on skeptical evidence and is very hot headed. He has grayish-black eyes and holds the rank of Admiral. There is not much to say of him as he does not play a critical role in the series and is only seen for a brief time at the ending of Seikai no Monshou and in Seikai no Senki.

Aicryac Üémh Tlyzr Naurh (Ekuryua)
Naurh is the Line-Wing Aviator aboard the Basrogrh. She has blue eyes and speaks only when necessary. She displays little emotions and spends most of her free time helping Ghintec with Diabh. She is somewhat short with blue eyes. Nothing else is known about her background.

Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Larth Dubeusec (Debeusec)
Dubeusec is Lamhirh's father and is only seen in the OVA (Original Video Animation) Seikai no Danshou Tanjo (Crest of the Stars - Birth). He was in love with Placïac and asked for her genes after the two of them escaped a doomed ship that they had found drifting. He kept Lamhirh's birth secret from her until she was older. He currently hold the rank of Admiral in the Lubaréc. He is described by Lafiel as irritating to be around. When Lafiel was a child, she pestered him to know her birth secret. One day Debeusec brought home their pet cat, and told Lafiel it was her gene donor, as a joke. Lafiel, being a small child, was very upset by this joke.

Ablïarsec Néïc Lamsar Larth Barcœr Dusanh (Dusanyu)
Dusanh is Rüé Spainec (Imperial Admiral) in the Lubaréc and next in line for the throne. He is a reserved person but can be quite energetic at times. He commanded the fleet that invaded Ghintec's home world of Martine. He is an excellent leader and has many good leadership qualities. Just like Painaich, he too enjoys teasing his Chief-of-Staff, Cipair, about her past romantic relationship with the Bibauth brothers, much to her annoyance.

Cénéch Üémh Stymer Cipair (Kenesh)
She is the Chief-of-Staff aboard Dusanh's flagship and also an adviser. She is often teased by Dusanh, about her past relationship with the Bibauth brothers. Although she takes it fairly well,, she has been known to lose her temper with Dusanh's teasing. She has white hair and black eyes and her age is unknown.

Atosryac Ssynec Atosr Lymh Feubdach Loïc (Atosuryua)

She is Clüarh's (Baron Feubdach Clowal) sister and an able Hecto-Commander in the Lubaréc. She is the commander of Lamhirh's squadron and her flagship is the Gasrogrh. When her brother died, she inherited the Feubdach territory. However, unlike her brother, she is not one to detest humans. She prefers to spend her days in the capital, and as far away from her territory as possible. Unlike her brother, she holds her father in high regard as a good Abh parent.

Atosryac Ssynec Atosr Lymh Feubdach Clüarh (Baron Feubdash Clowal)
He was the Baron of the Feubdach territory. The territory consists of a blue giant and an asteroid belt, and is inhabited by the Baron and his 50 Vassals. The Baron is a mysterious character. He detests humans, in particular, "men from land" as he calls them. He sits around all day and has his vassals attend to his every need while his father; the Former Baron has been detained in a holding cell. He attempts to stall Lamhirh and Ghintec on their way to the capitol and while attempting to prevent them from escaping, is killed in a duel with Lamhirh. His vassals held him in high regard and he often dressed them up as Abh women and indulged in any fantasy he wanted. His favorite food was reported to be peaches in honey.

Cfadiss Üémh Üéspir Séspir (Kufadiss)
Séspir is the Chief-of-Staff aboard the Ftuné and is often teased by Painaich. He is the one character in the series that has been truly cursed. He is often forced to put up with Painaich's teasing and spends a great deal of time cursing his awful fate. It is quite possible he has the most stressful and underpaid job in all the empire!

Bibauth Aronn Nérémr Ïarlucec Nélaith (Nereis)
He is the higher ranking of the two brothers but tends not to show it. He and his brother tend to command the fleet together although he is the higher ranking of the two. He does tend to act careless. He lives up to his family's nickname, the "Spectacular Insanity".

Bibauth Aronn Nérémr Ïarlucec Néféc (Nefee)
He is the Chief-of-Staff of his brother's fleet and often tends to "share" the command with him. He is the more rational of the two but is still quite irrational. Like his brother, he too tends to make foolish decision. He lives up to his family's nickname, the "Spectacular Insanity".

Lagach (?)
He was a Deca-commander in Lamhirh's squadron who sacrificed himself to save his crew and her ship from an approaching squadron of enemy attack ships. Little else is known of him. Only his first name is known, and the name of his ship, Saurogrh.

Beucal (?)
Another Deca-Commander in Lamhirh's squadron, he became friends with her after the battle at Aptic but sticking to his more traditional ways, he calls her "Her Royal Highness" or, "The Princess". Little else is known of him other than his ship's name, Cidgrorh.

Leuïr (?)
Another Deca-Commander in Lamhirh's squadron, he survives the battles and goes on to continue fighting in the war. Little else is known of him.

Foechdrh (?)
Another Deca-Commander in Lamhirh's squadron, he survives the battles and goes on to continue fighting in the war. Little else is known of him.

Rulaimhr (?)
He is the commander of the Second Fleet and fights with Cotoponic and Spaurh in Cfazaitec Rainibr (Operation Phantom Flame).

Lecemh (?)
He is the commander of the Fifth Fleet and is a major part of Cfazaitec Rainibr (Operation Phantom Flame), but does not see action in the anime.

Cotoponic (?)
She is the commander of the Fourth Fleet, and fights along side Painaich against the United Mankind. She is also a part of Cfazaitec Rainibr (Operation Phantom Flame).

Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Duhir (Duhir)
Duhir is Lamhirh's younger brother, who is being raised in the capital by her father. He is known to feel inferior to Lamhirh at times, because he is young and unaccomplished, while she joined the Star Forces at only 13 years of age. This entry is not complete yet,  more information and an image will be added soon.

The 27th Empress of the Bar Frybarec, Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Lamï (Ramage)
Lamï is the 27th empress of the empire and the Commander & Chief of the Lubaréc. She is the grandmother of Lamhirh. She is seen in the later half of Seikai no Monshou when the United Mankind sent delegates to discuss the destruction of the Gothlauth. The delegates offered to form a committee to make an inquiry about the incident. Rather than accept their offer, she declared war on them on the spot. Nothing else is known of her as she only makes a brief appearance in one episode.

Seikai no Monshou & Senki I-III (Anime)
Seikai no Monshou & Senki I-III (Novels)
Seikai no Danshou (Anime) 
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