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Baronh-English Dictionary A-C Print E-mail
Written by ACIDSTEALTH   
Wednesday, 29 October 2008
Below is a comprehensive dictionary featuring all known Baronh words cited from official canon sources, such as anime, novels, and other official publications. The below spellings of words are the correct spellings for all words. Any variation found elsewhere is a deviation from true Baronh. The phonetic pronunciations for words will not render properly in your web browser unless you enable UTF-8 encoding. This can be done in most browsers by going to "View", and then, "Character Encoding", and then selecting, "UTF-8". This dictionary is not intended for public distribution outside of The Abh Nation. The Abh Nation claims exclusive rights to the use of this document. Any copying or redistributing of all or part of this document is in violation of The Abh Nation’s Copyright Policy. Violators will burn in Abh Hell for eternity. It should also be noted that translating between four languages (English, Japanese, Korean, and Baronh) is not a science, it is an art. As such, the meaning of certain terms can not fully be understood in a different language. We were often forced to improvise on translations, when a specific word in one language, had no counterpart in English. Such words will often feature definitions succeeded by a question mark, to denote uncertainty as to the exact meaning. In such cases, the nearest English-equivalent word was selected to most accurately reflect the meaning. Because this dictionary is almost 100 pages in length, it has been split up into sections of approximately equal length.
 Baronh-English Dictionary A-C


A    {a}
    [Preposition] associates one item with another item. F'a Bale, Carsarh Gereulacr (I am an Abh, Kin of the Stars).
    'A' associates ABH with KIN OF THE STARS

Abair    {abɛr}
    [Adverb] bean jam ball?

Abh    {av}
    [Noun] 1. A race of genetically altered humans with blue hair and an extra sensory organ on their forehead, live for
    about 250 years in space.
    2. Warriors, knights, and nobles of the Empire.

Ablïarsec    {abljars}
    [Noun] 1. One of the 29 founding families of the Empire.
    2. An Abh with pointed ears
    3. Amaterasu: Ancient Japanese sun goddess (Earth Mythology)

Acharh    {aʃaʀ}
    [Noun] Person who leads a charge with six assault ships (Gairh)

Achec    {aʃ}
    [Noun] Foot. (An extremity of the human body used to walk on)

    [Noun] A god who is agitated by the eight-headed dragon, Gaftonochec (Earth Mythology)

Aci    {aki}
    [Adverb] Over there; (The dog is over there by the fire hydrant)

Acleuch    {akøʃ}
    [Noun] unknown, a mystery, before

-ad-    {ad}
    [Suffix] Mind of denial is displayed. (F'anade sacle) Doesn’t, not, non-existent

Agac    {aga}
    [Noun] A signal, transition, a communication

Agh    {aʒ}
    [Noun] Institute which designs crests and logos for ships and families.

Agaime    {agɛm}
    [Verb] To kill, murder, or terminate the life of another

Agth    {aiθ}
    [Noun] a territory in the Empire with one inhabited planet. (‘g’ pronounced as ‘ï’)

Agautre    {agɔtr}
    [Verb] to operate something, control a device

Ai    {ɛ}
    [Pronoun] describes something that is distant, far away

Aï    {ai}
    [Exclamation] implying something. (Aï, are saucele) You are a member of the crew?

Aïbss    {aibs}
    [Noun] Terrestrial person, a Lander, someone who is Human

Aic    {ɛ}
    [Noun] Color: Indigo, a dark shade of blue

Aich    {ɛʃ}
    [Noun] Season: Fall, comes after summer but before winter

Aideluode    {ɛdəlude}
    [Noun] portable communicator (EX: cellular phone)

Ailéc    {ɛle}
    [Noun] Partner, friend

Aimh    {ɛf}
    [Noun] Crystal network, equivalent to a computer core.

Airhate    {ɛʀat}
    [Verb] to appreciate, be grateful

Ala    {ala}
    [Adjective] It is blue

Alac    {ala}
    [Noun] Color: Blue, including shades of blue

Alaicec    {alɛk}
    [Noun] Line-of-battle warship; used to transport and deploy large quantities of mines

Alairbaïe    {alɛrbai}
    [Verb] proper, correct, not too much

Alm-    {alm}
    [Prefix] upper hand, higher rank, taller, longer

Almec    {alm}
    [Noun] Head (body part containing the brain, eyes, ears, nasal cavity, and mouth.)

Almfac    {almfa}
    [Noun] an ornament or symbol that shows high status or rank (‘m’ is silent)

Aloce    {alok}
    [Verb] handles, automatic

Alochoth    {(TH a l o ch o th)}
    [Noun] operation, procedure, process

Alsaima    {alsɛma}
    [Adjective] blue hair

Anade    {anad}
    [Compound] combination of ‘ane’ and ‘ad’

Ane    {an}
    [Verb] exists (EX: Humans only exist on Earth)

apézmec    {apezm}
    [Noun] Sash clip

Apymh    {apyf}
    [Noun] seatbelt, device used to restrain passengers or cargo during acceleration of a ship.

-ar-    {ar}
    [Suffix] passive mind displayed. (Fe ïarbarle) I was selected.

Arh    {aʀ}
    [Noun] morning

Arnaigh    {arnɛʒ}
    [Noun] orbital tower with turbo-left tracks visible

Arobe    {arob}
    [Verb] to play (a musical instrument)

Arobhoth    {arovoθ}
    [Noun] Play, Concert, Performance (usually musical)

Aroch    {aroʃ}
    [Noun] tomorrow, the next day, day after today (sometimes spelt arauch {arɔʃ})

Aronn    {aron}
    [Noun] the family name of one of the original 29 founding families

-as-    {as}
    [Suffix] active mind is displayed.

Asa    {asa}
    [Adjective] It is red, Black Tea

Asa    {asa}
    [Adjective] open port on a spaceship, place of commerce with other nations

Asaicch    {asɛkʃ}
    [Noun] not yet?

Asainec    {asɛn}
    [Noun] mind of madder or crimson?

Asairtamh    {asɛrtaf}
    [Noun] state of illumination, visible light

Asaugec    {asɔg}
    [Noun] a baby or young child

asére    {aser}
    [Verb] to open something (EX: She will open the door)

Asith    {asiθ}
    [Noun] insect: dragonfly

Asogh    {asoʒ}
    [Pronoun] over there

Asparhoth    {aspaʀoθ}
    [Noun] A gathering, a meting, conference, delegation

Ass    {as}
    [Noun] a mind of gen.

Ataimh    {atɛf}
    [Noun] a mind of thistle, a bruise (damaged skin)

Ath    {aθ}
    [Noun] letters/symbols in the Abh language (Baronh)

Aucec    {ɔk}
    [Noun] a feeling of desire, a yearning for something or someone

Aurh    {ɔʀ}
    [Noun] tomorrow, the next day, day after today

Autonec    {ɔton}
    [Noun] hot soup

Azz    {az}
    [Noun] enemy


Baccsoth    {baksoθ}
    [Noun] Trust.

Bach    {baʃ}
    [Noun] Town or city

Badoebe    {badœb}
    [Verb] to become redundant

Baic    {bɛ}
    [Noun] Now. Present.

Baïc    {bai}
    [Noun] In the past. Before.

Baich    {bɛʃ}
    [Noun] Antimatter fuel. Fuel.

    [Noun] Antimatter fuel tank. Fuel enclosure.

Baide    {bɛd}
    [Preposition] As far as; to a certain degree.

Baincoth    {bɛnkoθ}
    [Noun] Practice.

Bairhoth    {bɛʀoθ}
    [Noun] Weightless ball game.

Bami    {bami}
    [Adverb] Vigorously.

Banzzorh    {banzoʀ}
    [Noun] Headquarters. - Ludorhotr Recruiting Office of the Star Forces.

Barébhoth    {bar evoθ}
    [Compound word] Smile of Abh (Expression of hostility).

Bar Frybarec{bar frybar}
    [Compound word] Abh Empire; most of the time shortened to Frybarec

Basc    {bas}
    [Adverb] Never, Foolishly absurd.

Basébh    {basev}
    [Noun] Cultivation ranch.

Basi    {basi}
    [Adverb] Surely, Evidently

Basoth    {basoθ}
    [Noun] Truth. Fact.

Basoti    {basoti}
    [Adverb] Truly; Factually (Basoth)

Bata    {bata}
    [Adjective] To be perfect or complete. Noctamh Bata, Complete portable state.

Batadi    {batadi}
    [Adverb] Immediately, without delay (Bate + -ad- + i)

Bate    {bat}
    [Verb] To wait.

Bathoth    {baθoθ}
    [Noun] A wait. [Bate + hoth]

Batiac    {batia}
    [Noun] Waiter (Bate + iac)

Bauchimh    {bɔʃif}
    [Noun] Prime minister

    [Noun] Prime minister prefecture. It administers everything civil with the administrative prefecture of empire.
    (Bauchimh + *ïach)

Baudec    {bɔd}
    [Noun] Circular door.

Bauïc    {bɔi}
    [Noun] Eyebrow.

Baüriac    {bauria}
    [Noun] Shuttle; craft used to ferry between large structures.

Bausnall    {bɔsnal}
    [Noun] a member of the Star Forces, Soldier.

Bauss    {bɔs}
    [Noun] (Fish) Sea trout.

Bautee    {bɔtə}
    [Verb] to wear or to put on.

Bauth    {bɔθ}
    [Noun] one of the three Family titles reserved for peerage of the Abh.

Béhymh    {behyf}
    [Noun] Resource.

Béhyrh    {behyʀ}
    [Noun] Week. - Lyga next week.

Béïc    {bei}
    [Noun] Palace. - Rüébéïc Imperial shrine.

    [Noun] Chamberlain, an officer who manages the household of a sovereign or a noble.

Bélycec    {belyk}
    [Noun] Investigation to decide on an amount of tax collection.

Belyséc    {bəlyse}
    [Noun] Control Center. Where they control the arrival and departure of ships in a spaceport.

    [Noun] Controller. (Belyséc + gac)

    [Noun] Control function. the ability to control [Blyséc + ragh]

Béna    {bena}
    [Noun] Everything. All.

Bénaic    {benɛ}
    [Noun] Apprentice or trainee, - Bénaic lodaïrr (Training Pilot or Pilot Trainee)

Bénh    {beɲ}
    [Noun] All hands. Whole crew.

Bezoerh    {bəzœR}
    [Noun] Greenery, garden

Bézorhoth    {bezoʀoθ}
    [Noun] An audience: a formal hearing, as with a religious or state dignitary

Bho-    {vo}
    [Perfix] Big, large, grand.

Bhoboth    {voboθ}
    [Noun] Headquarters.

Bhoca    {voka}
    [Adjective] Many.

Bhoclanh    {voklaɲ}
    [Noun] Fusion bomb canon. (Bho- + clanh)

Bhodac    {voda}
    [Noun] Marquis (Nobleman), Nobility that possesses an inhabited planet.

Bhoflic    {vofli}
    [Noun] The Imperial Court. Synonym of the Imperial Capital.

Bhosaimh    {vosɛf}
    [Noun] Wolf.

Bhosat    {bosat}
    [Adverb] Perhaps. Maybe.

    [Noun] Military university.

Bhosorh    {vosoʀ}
    [Noun] Financial Affairs Department. Tax collection is administered here.

Bhotuth    {votuθ}
    [Noun] Strike Team. Ïadbyrec bhotutr - Strike fleet

Bidautec    {bidɔt}
    [Noun] Spaceport

Bie    {bi}
    [Verb] To see.

Biga    {biga}
    [Adjective] Official meaning is unknown. Possibly mean Starboard side of a ship.

Biggoro    {bigoro}
    [Noun] 40° right. (Bigh + goro)

Bigh    {biʒ}
    [Noun] The right.

Bigléc    {bigle}
    [Noun] Right hand. (Bigh + léc)

Bill    {bil}
    [Noun] Route.

Bilycoth    {bilykoθ}
    [Noun] Discovery.

Bimuciac    {bimukia}
    [Noun] Dryer.

Bina    {bina}
    [Adjective] Third. Third Class.

Birautec    {birɔt}
    [Noun] Capital.

Birautec Cnaigena {birɔt knɛgəna}
    [Compound word] Capital of Chaos (Euphemism of Lacmhacarh).

Birautec Gasauder {birɔt gasɔdər}
    [Compound word] Capital of Eight Crests (Euphemism of Lacmhacarh).

Birautec Négr {birɔt neg}
    [Compound word] Capital of Love (Euphemism of Lacmhacarh).

Bisec    {bis}
    [Noun] Store/Shop.

Bisiamh    {bisiaf}
    [Noun] Public hall.

Bissodae    {bisoda}
    [Verb] to misjudge, to lower an evaluation

Bitsair-ec/h {bitsɛr/ʀ}
    [Noun] (Imperial) Subject.

Bizz    {biz}
    [Noun] Propellant, (water is used mainly with antimatter mixed in)

Blagh    {blaʒ}
    [Noun] Hunter.

Blaü    {blai}
    [Adverb] otherwise, differently, or else

Blobée    {blobe}
    [Verb] To request; to want; to wish for.

Blogoer    {blogœr}
    [Adverb] Certainly. Naturally.

Blozéc    {bloze}
    [Noun] Funds, capital, money.

Bo (1)    {bo}
    [Adverb] Already; now; previously.

Bo (2)    {bo}
    [Preposition] With. - Se bo simle ane as? Is she with the nobility?

Boc    {bo}
    [Noun] Basic unit of weight and amount of data. Equals one Baud and one gram.

Bodoemiac {bodœmia}
    [Noun] Scout/reconnaissance.

Boerh    {bœʀ}
    [Noun] Viscount. Over a Baron and under a Count. Has a planet that can be made habitable.

Boerïéc    {bœrie}
    [Noun] Interim Viscount (usually following a disaster or a law transgression).

Boerscorec {bœskor}
    [Noun] Viscount Domain/star system

Bog-h/ec    {boʒ/g}
    [Noun] Grandchild. Rüebognéc = Imperial granddaughter.

Boïc    {boi}
    [Noun] Water. (Especially drinking water).

Bolarse    {bolars}
    [Verb] to bring

Bom    {bom}
    [Noun](Non- change) One Hundred.

Bomoüass {bomowas}
    [Noun] Hecto-Commander (Literally: Hecto-Commander and Chief). Above a Vice Hecto-Commander and below
    a Kilo-Commander.

Bondoebec {bondœb}
    [Noun] Branch of the military, a technical science officer of the Star Forces who services the weapons.

Bonh    {boɲ}
    [Noun] Ambiguous person. - Bonh unarla Galartïeri The person who is born in the eight royal family. Royalty.

Boragh    {boraʒ}
    [Noun] Weight.

Borgh    {borʒ}
    [Noun] One of the two family titles reserved for knights of the Abh.

Borh    {boʀ}
    [Noun] Fleet of ships.

Bosm    {bosm}
    [Adverb] Extremely; exceptionally; strikingly.

Bote    {bot}
    [Verb] To possess; to own.

Botnase    {botnas}
    [Verb] To bring about; to cause; to engender. To put into a certain state.

Botti    {boti}
    [Adverb] Originally; at first; from the start.

Braisch    {brɛsʃ}
    [Noun] Purple/Violet.

Braiscirh    {brɛskiʀ}
    [Noun] Amethyst. A moderate purple to grayish reddish purple.

Brube    {brub}
    [Verb] To tie; to bind; to link.

Brubhoth    {bruvoθ}
    [Noun] Bond; link; union; combination. (↑ + hoth)

Bucragh    {bukraʒ}
    [Noun] Aptitude. (Especially a Soldier) Eligibility, Radaiüragh Bucragr, Aptitude examination.

Buna    {buna}
    [Adjective] Sixth.

Bus    {bus}
    [Noun] (Non- change) Six.

Buro    {buro}
    [Noun](Non- change) 60.

Busaïne    {busain}
    [Verb] To welcome; to meet.

Butoca    {butoca}
    [Adjective] to be serious or difficult.

Bylch    {bylʃ}
    [Noun] One species of animal.

Bynecairh    {bynəcɛʀ}
    [Noun] Supervision. Chief Military Mechanic of the warship. Inspection service of various equipment that runs the
    main engine.

Byrec    {byr}
    [Noun] Armada.


Cadase    {kadas}
    [Verb] to speak, speak a language, talk

Cadate    {kadat}
    [Noun] emitter

Cadh    {kað}
    [Noun] skin

Cafoer-ec/h {kafœr/ʀ}
    [Noun] robes worn by nobility

Cagomh    {kagof}
    [Noun] mail

Cagsomhoth {kagsofoθ}
    [Noun] Maternity Leave

Caïmcoth    {kaimkoθ}
    [Noun] acceleration, increasing speed

Caïni    {kaini}
    [Adverb] fast, quick, speedy

Caire    {kɛr}
    [Verb] enter

Cairhoth    {kɛʀoθ}
    [Verb] joining something, joining a club

Cairiac    {kɛria}
    [Noun] handgun

Caisre    {kɛsr}
    [Verb] run

Caisromh    {kɛsrof}
    [Noun] horse race

Caisromhoth {kɛsrofoθ}
    [Verb] racing horses in a horse race

Camrinic    {kamrini}
    [Noun] parsley

Canh    {kaɲ}
    [Noun] nose (human nasal cavity)

Canse    {kans}
    [Verb] to talk, hold a conversation with someone

Careugec    {karøg}
    [Noun] ladder cord, a cord attached to a pull-out ladder

Caricec    {karik}
    [Noun] a boat that travels on water

Carsarh    {karsaʀ}
    [Noun] being attached, related, having to do with

Casna    {kasna}
    [Adjective] first

Casaliac    {kasalia}
    [Noun] staff

casobérlach {kasoberlaʃ}
    [Noun] Imperial Merchant Group

Casobiac    {kasobia}
    [Noun] carrier

Catboth    {katboθ}
    [Noun] headquarters

Catmh    {katf}
    [Noun] Interim, beauty

Caubh    {kɔv}
    [Noun] poisonous dragon

Caüc    {kai}
    [Noun] unknown

Caurh    {kɔʀ}
    [Noun] Spring (season of the year)

Cauzz    {kɔz}
    [Noun] estimation, expectation

Céc    {ke}
    [Noun] the bow of a ship

cécnac    {kekna}
    [Noun] part, fragment, piece

cédlairh    {kedlɛʀ}
    [Noun] basic unit of measurement in plane space equivalent to 1 second

cénh    {keɲ}
    [Noun] repair skills?

cénruc    {kenru}
    [Noun] repair training school?

cérumhoth    {kerufoθ}
    [Noun] economy

césateudoc {kesatødo}
    [Noun] person who lives in space

césath    {kesaθ}
    [Noun] space (outside a planet’s atmosphere)

Ceucec    {køk}
    [Noun] honorific title for a servant

Ceudgona    {kødgona}
    [Adjective] fourteenth (14th)

Ceurena    {kørəna}
    [Adjective] wide

Ceurragh    {køraʒ}
    [Noun] dimension (quantum physics)

Ceutes    {køtəs}
    [Noun/Adjective] one

cézale    {kezal}
    [Verb] separate

Cfac    {kfa}
    [Noun] river, stream

Cfaina    {kfɛna}
    [Adjective] lovely

Cfariac    {kfaria}
    [Noun] a lord who oversees a territory until it officially becomes part of the Empire

Cfauc    {kfɔ}
    [Noun] circular spoon

Cfazaitec    {kfazɛt}
    [Noun] maneuvers, fleet maneuvers, movements

chés-    {ʃes}
    [Prefix] 1 micrometer (1/10000)

chésscarh    {ʃeskaʀ}
    [Noun] unit of Imperial currency

Cheüass    {ʃewas}
    [Noun] a rank in the imperial court, 1000 (#1000)

Cheutymec {ʃøtym}
    [Noun] Tinziyu prefecture?

Chirch    {ʃirʃ}
    [Noun] room, place, open space

Chott (1)    {ʃot}
    [Adjective] little

Chott (2)    {ʃot}
    [Exclamation] just a little!

chynobéziac {ʃynobezia}
    [Noun] a diffused surface used to scatter light

Cic    {ki}
    [Noun] stationary star, a burning body, day (unit of time equivalent to 24 hours)

Cice    {kik}
    [Verb] pull

Cigamh    {kigaf}
    [Noun] volcano

Ciïoth    {kijoθ}
    [Noun] star system

Ciloc    {kilo}
    [Noun] person, people

Ciloemh    {kilœf}
    [Noun] pupil (gel around the retina of an eyeball)

Ciloeri    {kilœri}
    [Adjective] alone, independently

Cilugiac    {kilugia}
    [Noun] crown princess

Cilugragh    {kilugraʒ}
    [Noun] order of succession if the Emperor or Empress should become unable to rule

Cimecoth    {kimkoθ}
    [Noun] secret, secrecy

Cimena    {kiməna}
    [Noun] cipher, encryption device

Cinoge    {kinog}
    [Verb] expand

Cirüabh    {kirwav}
    [Noun] open space, space that is free of obstacles such as planets and other ships

Cisaigec    {kisɛg}
    [Noun] The part of the Tiara that connects to the ship’s censors and conveys information to the extra-sensory organ.

Cisaïna    {kisaina}
    [Adjective] reserve duty (opposite of active duty)

Cizairh    {kizɛʀ}
    [Noun] left direction

cizairléc    {kizɛrle}
    [Noun] left hand

Clabrac    {klabra}
    [Noun] single-wing tiara

Claiïac    {klɛia}
    [Noun] student, apprentice

Claiïagac    {klɛiaga}
    [Noun] training ship

Clailoragh    {klɛloraʒ}
    [Noun] form

Claith    {klɛθ}
    [Noun] shape

Clanéc    {klane}
    [Noun] treaty

Clanh    {klaɲ}
    [Noun] cohesion optical gun (laser cannon)

Clapaimh    {klapɛf}
    [Noun] staff sign

Clare    {klar}
    [Verb] you talk a lot

Clarhoth    {klaʀoθ}
    [Noun] interview [↑+ hoth]

Clasbyrh    {klasbyʀ}
    [Noun] snail (small animal similar to a slug)

Clasona    {klasona}
    [Adjective] stubborn, stubbornness

Clasononn {klasonon}
    [Noun] stubborn person

Claugec    {klɔg}
    [Noun] traveling accommodations, a living place that travels to different star systems

Clofairh    {klofɛʀ}
    [Noun] planner space theory

Cloertimene {klœrtimən}
    [Adjective] monopolized, possessed

Cnaïc    {knai}
    [Noun] kitchen, room where food is prepared

Cnaich    {knɛʃ}
    [Noun] a machine

Cnaseraigh {knasərɛʒ}
    [Noun] black and white cat hair?

Cob    {kob}
    [Adjective] displays quantity

Cose    {kos}
    [Verb] dries, dry, looses moisture

Coüiciac    {kowikia}
    [Noun] person who cleans things

Craufaicec {krɔfɛk}
    [Noun] root nobility, someone descended from the 29 founding families

Creunoc    {krøno}
    [Noun] thermal bracelet

creur-ec/h    {krør/ʀ}
    [Noun] medicine

Creuriac    {krøria}
    [Noun] pharmacist, someone who creates medicine

Creurpaucec {krørpøk}
    [Noun] medical ship

Ctaich    {ktɛʃ}
    [Noun] small bird such as a pheasant or sparrow

Ctaroebh    {ktarœv}
    [Noun] ornamental belt worm on a uniform, used to be able to carry weapons on it

ctémbarit    {ktembarit}
    [Exclamation] beginning

Cymec    {kym}
    [Noun] wire, string

Cysec    {kys}
    [Noun] water caltrop

Cüaci    {kwaki}
    [Adverb] other

This dictionary is the most complete English-Baronh dictionary in existence. It is a compilation of Saudec Isa Dade's Korean-Baronh dictionary, Teamec Dadr-Baroner's Japanese-Baronh dictionary, and a scattering of additional terms and names taken from canon sources; mainly the novels. This work is the culmination of endless hours of work, and is the great legacy of The Abh Nation.
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Seikai no Monshou Reader's Guide
Seikai no Senki Reader's Guide

Translation A-C by ACIDSTEALTH
Translation D-G by Parnegle
Translation H-Z by Jason
A special commendation for the members of The Abh Nation, all of them, who supported this great endeavor through to completion.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 29 October 2008 )

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